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Cloudinary is a cloud-based service that provides an end-to-end image and video management solution including uploads, storage, administration, manipulation, and delivery.

After uploading media assets to Cloudinary, they can be made available to users of your web and mobile applications via dynamic URLs.

To show a transformed version of an uploaded image, simply provide transformation instructions as part of Cloudinary's image urls.

Here are few examples: Cloudinary supports delivering images using HTTPS URLs. When using image tag in your Java Enterprise Edition view, this is done automatically for you, based on the request protocol of the page containing the image tag.

The lower concurrency means that downloading many images from a single web page might be somewhat slow.

To overcome this limitation, Cloudinary supports downloading images from multiple sub-domains.

You can force the image tag to always use HTTPS URLs by setting the secure parameter to true, either globally (e.g., in setting secure on your Cloudinary instance) or locally in each instance of image tag, or url tag, image Tag call or generate call.

For example: Browsers limit the number of download requests they perform concurrently from each unique domain.

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